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Description of the job offer //



You will be part of the Engineering team of the company. You will be performing your mission at the customer’s premises, located in Brussels. You will be part of a multinational team developing the software functions of the ATM network manager. The working language is English, French is an asset.




The following qualifications shall be provided by the Software candidate:


  • A formal bachelor degree or higher in Software Engineering. In case this is not available, the equivalent through professional experience and professional training, is possible with approval from the customer,
  • Very good analytical and problem solving skills,
  • Convinced of the importance of integrating automatic regression tests as part of the coding activities,
  • Good team member,
  • Experience in using software configuration and change management processes and tools
  • Experience with OO design and development techniques,
  • Experience with Agile development methodologies,
  • Quality minded,
  • Ability to write/contribute to design documents,
  • Ability to work under tight schedules and pressure.


Requirements of the job offer //

The following qualification may optionally be requested:


1. Experience on the provision of 24/7 on call services to production environment,

2. Ability to provide 24/7 or 15/7 on-call service.


In addition, the profile shall comprise the following skills:


  • Experience with software design of high availability systems
  • Experience in design of user-friendly user interfaces, usability-minded design skills
  • Experience in developments with GIS (Geographic Information System) software in a Java environment for Swing and for web applications (WMS, WFS)
  • Experience in web based map applications (WMS, WFS), and interactive map applications over the web
  • Experience of developments with LuciadLightspeed and LuciadRia
  • Good knowledge of geometrical systems
  • Experience in GIS libraries other than LuciadLightspeed and LuciadRia
  • Experience with the development of software layers using communication protocols
  • Experience with open source tools based on Java technology and Java IDE like Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA
  • Experience with JUnit and profiling tools
  • Unix or Linux, including knowledge of a scripting language such as , Bash, Korn-shell
  • Knowledge of code generation (experience on code generation techniques/tools based on formal models)
  • Java programming skills (from 1 to 6 Years)
  • Ability to work on complex systems
  • NM business knowledge
  • Very good algorithmic thinking skills
  • Ability to absorb large amounts of complex information (being able to work on and maintain a huge code base)


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