Project Engineer: Drive Control Units

Nos Offres

Description de l'offre d'emploi //

  • Model-based development, troubleshooting and calibration of functions in control units (drive train, auxiliary units, exhaust gas aftertreatment, high-voltage systems, etc.)
  • Development and tracking of customer and internal issues to expand projects
  • Regular reporting
  • Concept creation and further development (definition of requirements, interface coordination, time planning)
  • Model-based function development and implementation including pilot application
  • Implementation of reviews and corrections
  • Execution and evaluation of model-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop tests
  • Documentation of the functions
  • Execution and evaluation of measurements, as well as testing of the functions in the vehicle or on test benches (also abroad)
  • Customer meetings and presentations
  • Rapid prototyping and commissioning of functional prototypes
  • Commissioning of prototypical vehicles or functions, error tracking and the removal of abnormalities

Profil du candidat //

  • Completed studies in natural or engineering sciences, computer science or a comparable training
  • Experience in model-based function development with ASCET and / or Matlab / Simulink
  • Experience in handling measurement technology tools such as INCA, CANalyzer / CANoe, DiagRA
  • Experience with Matlab, Python or C ++ is an advantage
  • Knowledge of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, combustion technology, diesel or gasoline engines, exhaust gas aftertreatment and, ideally, high or low voltage energy storage and electric drives

  • Good written and spoken German and English skills (both at least B2)


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